The Great Escape: Macau

The third day is a short trip to Macau.

Macau is derived the the word ‘Magao’ (A-Ma Temple), a shrine dedicated to the sea goddess named Mazu. Macau is also well known for its luxurious hotel housing and gambling casinos. The Portuguese ruled the country for nearly 400 years until it was returned to China on 1999. There are interesting attractions in Macau and that’s where I am going to take you. πŸ˜‰

Heading to Macau from Hong Kong, we went to the Ferry Terminal to let the ferry take us to the City of Dreams.

Tickets to Macau
Busy inside the terminal
Going inside the Cotai Water Jet

The inside of the ferry is okay. I was not used to riding ferry, so I slept during the travel. And because I was so exhausted.

Inside the Cotai Water Jet

But before I slept, I enjoyed the view first as I was sitting on the window side. Yay! I really want on the window side – every single time. πŸ˜€


Upon arriving at Macau Ferry Terminal, our tour guide, Mr. Kenny, brought us to the first stop: Ruins of St. Paul. Ruins of St. Paul was considered the greatest church in Macau, but it was burned down. Built again and burned down. According to Mr. Kenny, it happened several times.




back side of Ruins of St. Paul’s


We entered at the back side so we did not take the stairs going to Ruins of St. Paul’s. But when Mr. Kenny said that there’s a shop near the attraction which sells Portuguese Egg Tarts and Moon Cakes, I run happily. πŸ˜€ Besides, what’s the trip to Macau without Portuguese Egg Tarts?






After getting Portuguese Egg Tarts and Moon Cakes, we headed to our lunch.



Well, that was supposed to be noticed before leaving the table. But because we were too hungry, I did even see that there’s something like this on the table and left our bags on the chair. Lucky, nothing bad happened.

Oh my! The foods were amazing!! If only we planned to stay until the next day in Macau, I should have stayed in this restaurant a little longer and ate a lot. πŸ˜€ The good thing was, I did not eat a lot. But I really enjoyed everything I ate.



Noodles, pineapple rice and fried fish fillet. The pineapple rice was so insanely good that I am planning to make my own pineapple rice at home. (Stay tuned! Haha!)


And if I remember it correctly, this is something called Portuguese Chicken Curry… which I am also planning to recreate. Oh so delicious!!


After lunch, we went to see Macau Tower and we passed by the statue of the sea goddess.



So I tried to take photos of Macau Tower and I mean I tried many shots to get the full tower, but I failed… only to pass by this view. I looked like a crazy person who tried to get pretty shots, haha!


On to A-Ma Temple…

This is in front of A-Ma Temple which was used to be a pier during the Portuguese times in Macau.



I was at first afraid to go inside. Maybe because I was wearing head scarf and I was not sure on how people would react if they see me inside, in case they’d react. Despite of that feeling, I still went inside. Well, there were people looking, but I really didn’t care. πŸ˜€




Okay… So I was intrigued by what they were doing here. This family tried something really interesting. See that guy wearing blue shirt? He took a coin and threw it on this big bowl or and the water inside shook. And when the others tried, nothing happened. I don’t know about you, but it was my first time to witness something like this, so I was like ‘Wow! How that happened?’


Last stop is at The Venetian. The place is very elegant and very crowded.


And I think it’s because of this casino inside. I don’t do casino and of course, I haven’t went inside a casino. I just see such places in movies. We were allowed to go inside, but no taking of photos. And wow! Really a beautiful place. Maybe if only I knew how to play, I would have tried even the slot machine. πŸ˜€ You know, just for fun. But I don’t.



Gondola ride at The Venetian




Panorama shot – click to enlarge

So before heading back to Hong Kong for our last night, we stayed at the food court – not to eat, but to sit down and get a wifi connection. πŸ˜› There were so many foods to choose from, but I was too tired to eat.


And I took photos of the Moon Cakes and the Portuguese Egg Tarts.

It was my first time to eat Moon cake and I didn’t know that there are various kinds of filling which I should have taken the red bean ones, if I knew. Moon Cakes are eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival and we were lucky that it was the time of the Moon Cake Festival when we went to visit Macau.


The Portuguese Egg Tarts were buttery and egg-y. Of course, they’re Egg Tarts, you crazy! πŸ˜€ They were delicious… I think I ate eleven of them. Ssshhhh! πŸ˜€



There’s a free shuttle from The Venetian to the ferry terminal.



So… do you know the feeling of seeing these cute moon cakes while I have already got some? And I mean little expensive ones? No, I did not buy any of these… although I really wanted to. 😦 I saw these at Hong Kong ferry terminal. Of course, we got ourselves little treats but not one of these.


It was funny that our tour guide did not mention that there are two ferry terminals – one in Hong Kong and the other one is in Kowloon. So we picked the one in Hong Kong. We spent minutes of finding the taxi stand where we were dropped in the morning, but we did not find it and even the place is somewhat different. So we guessed that we took the wrong one. πŸ˜€ It was tiring, but funny.

Again, thank you for taking your time to read. I hope you enjoy the post and the photos. I wish you all a fabulous week ahead. πŸ™‚


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Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong (Day 2 of 2)

Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong (Day 1 of 2)

On the second day…

First stop is Avenue of Stars. Avenue of Stars is one of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong which is located along Tsim Sha Tsui – an urban area in southern part of Kowloon in Hong Kong. We are only allowed for 30 minutes to roam around, so I did not take much photos. Just these few:

The time when we visited Avenue of Stars, a week or two after that, it was scheduled to close for three years for further development. We were lucky, I must say. More about Avenue of Stars here.

We also went to a wholesale and retail jewelry shop called JW Jewellery. The shop is well known for its Fortune Fan Diamond Pendant which is made by a Feng Shui Master and made from 21k South Africa diamonds.

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (7)

The pendant is in Yin and Yang design and it has a spinning wheel. The big pendant which costs about 3000 Hong Kong Dollars (if I could remember it correctly) is so beautiful that you could hear the fan spinning when you shake it. It is not allowed to take close up photos of the jewelries, though some others took their luck.

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (6)
This is the clearest I can get
My cousin got this
My cousin got this

A very short video with the little fan spinning

We also went to a chocolate shop called Chocolate Empire, which sells very expensive chocolates. The tour guide said we only have 15 minutes and we were all like ‘why only 15 minutes’? Because the chocolates are very expensive that you’d want to leave the place right away. πŸ˜€

After visiting Avenue of Stars, we went to a place called Aberdeen Fishing Village. Here, you can find sampans, seafood markets and floating restaurant. Fishermen and their families live on their ‘house boats’ and decorate it as how they like it.

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (17)

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (10)

Our sampan ride
Our sampan ride

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (16)

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (14)

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (15)

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (12)

HKG, 2015 2 - TNSCC (13)
The Jumbo Floating Restaurant appeared in many movies. More about Jumbo Floating restaurant here.

After having our lunch – yay! It’s Disneyland time!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Our tickets
Our tickets


HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (1)
That feeling when you have blurry of the entrance! Ugh!

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (2)

The obligatory photo
The obligatory photo

So we just roamed around a little and we found out that Flights of Fantasy is coming up. I didn’t even know what was it, but I waited and waited… Then I found out it’s a parade of the Disney characters!! Oh, you should have seen my reaction when I saw Winnie the Pooh and Friends!! I shouted ‘Tigger!’ and I cried!!

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (4)
People starting to gather to see Flights of Fantasy

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (10)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (11)HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (12)HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (13)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (14)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (15)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (16)
Hi, Tigger.
HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (17)
Uh, hi, Tigger! Notice me??

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (19)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (20)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (21)
When I saw the Princesses, my dream of wanting to see Cinderella came true. πŸ™‚

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (23)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (22)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (24)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (25)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (26)
I was also so much thrilled to see Tink πŸ˜€

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (27) HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (28) HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (29) HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (30) HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (31) HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (32)

So after seeing Flights of Fantasy, it’s time to window shop. πŸ˜‰

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (6)

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (5)

I have to admit that I am not really a huge fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but when I saw these –


HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (7)
Oh, I want them all. πŸ˜€
HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (6)
And these, too…

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (8)

Oh, these mugsΒ broke my heart. I want to take them all. I love mugs so much. But believe me, I didn’t buy any single mug. I promise. πŸ˜€

HKG 2015 3, TNSCC (9)

So okay… my broken hearted led into a hungry tummy. Time to feed. πŸ˜€

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (1)

What else is famous? Of course, the Mickey Mouse waffles.

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (2)

I love the waffles. I think the shape made it more delicious. πŸ˜› Really, I loved it. And why not? I love waffles.

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (5)

And the famous Mickey and Minnie Mouse ice cream…

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (3)

Now, don’t ask me where’s the Mickey ice cream. πŸ˜€ It’s now time for the Minnie Mouse ice cream to enjoyed. Such a cutie. πŸ™‚

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (4)

I also have one thing to admit – I love the Frozen movie. I watched it several times and I don’t think I’ll get tired of watching it.

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (7)

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (17)
Waiting for the show at the Frozen Village to start

It was not allowed to take photos with flash. I got this and the others – spell BLURY.

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (8)

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (10)

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (12)
Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups Ride

We also went inside this Winnie the Pooh attraction. The first thing I asked ‘It is for kids?’ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I got traumatized with the ride I tried when we were in Legoland, Malaysia. I think I was not myself that time that I was the one who invited (most likely challenged) to try the ride. And I promised myself – I will never ever try any ride… ever again!!

And the exit led into this… I was like, can I stay for a little longer?? πŸ˜€

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (14)

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (15)

It was such a sad news when I found out that Cinderella’s Carousel was not working. 😦 Anyway, I was happy that I saw it. Look at the brighter side, you kid!

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (16)

I was about to cry – I was so exhausted. And we waited for almost an hour to see the fireworks. Too many people waiting and it was insanely hot. But when the fireworks began, every tiredness I felt – all was gone! I completely forgot all the worries I had that time and enjoyed the moment. The only thing I had in my mind – ‘Dreams do come true.’

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (18)

Here’s a short video of the amazing fireworks I got:

So after the magical fireworks, we stayed on the bench to enjoy our last minutes. We were happy to see those smiles on people’s faces… Well, only to find out that we were the only ones being waited by our bus. Oooppps! We almost missed our bus! πŸ˜€

…and the Princess lived happily ever after. ❀

HKG 2015 4, TNSCC (19)

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”– Walt Disney

Sharing this awesome trip with everyone and with my friends at Fiesta Friday #93. Thank you for spending time with me and for taking the time to read and browse the photos. I hope to see you tomorrow – one last place I went to. πŸ˜‰


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Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong (Day 1 of 2)

I am so excited today as I am co-hosting Fiesta Friday #93Β with the lovely Kaila @Β GF Life 24/7 for the second time around. Right, Kaila? πŸ˜€ I think the guests are expectingΒ something delicious from me today, yes? Hmm, something sweet, maybe? Savoury? Ha! Sorry, but I am not bringing food today! Oppsss! Don’t look at me like that! I have another thing – a story… which hopefully you’ll not get bored with! I am sharing you the first ever travel post on my blog. Yihee! πŸ˜€ While listening to me, link up and join the fun by clicking the badge below:


Once upon a time, there was a Princess who really loves to go to Hong Kong. All was planned and ready. She prepared a scrapbook to document all the photos and write the experiences. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances happened that she had to pull out everything. The Princess got very depressed and forgot all the dreams she had related to Hong Kong.

Years after, a plan was made again. This time, the dream of going to Hong Kong finally came true.

Join me as I share with you my first time in Hong Kong… or you can just scroll down to see the photos. πŸ˜‰


Upon arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport, a representative from Asian Links Holiday greeted us (the tourists) and handed over our itinerary for the whole tour. From the airport, we were dropped at the hotel, the Rambler Garden Hotel. The hotel isΒ about 30-minutes-by-car-far. It is located in Tsing Yi which is an island in the urban area of Hong Kong. The hotel was okay – mainly to accommodate guests, but the room is very small and the ceiling is very high. The view from the window? This.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (1)

They are like huge legos. The view from the hallway looks more nice:

HKG 2015, TNSCC 2

But we are on the 30th floor and it’s crazy to stay at the hallway.

Residential building
Residential building

There are shops and a restaurant at the basement level of the hotel.

HKG 2015, TNSCC 7
Various shops at the basement area where you can buy something to eat or drink, Chinese medicines, clothes and bags
And Watson's, too. :)
And Watson’s, too. πŸ™‚

The restaurant at the basement area is called Cafe de Coral.

HKG 2015, TNSCC 6
Restaurant at the basement area
HKG 2015, TNSCC 3
Something like roasted chicken thigh with some sort of peanut sauce/gravy
Green tea
I ordered for green tea and they gave me a cold one
HKG 2015, TNSCC 12
Fried Fish Fillet
HKG 2015, TNSCC 13
HKG 2015, TNSCC 11
Puerh Tea – hot this time


Enough for the introduction…

First day was supposed to be a free day, but we decided to go to Ocean Park. When the representative said there will be Pandas, there’s no reason for me to say ‘No, I want to take a rest.’ See you, Panda!

Day 1: Ocean Park

HKG 2015, TNSCC (31)

Ocean Park is a huge theme park and according to the tour guide, it’s thrice the size of Hong Kong Disneyland. There are rides (which I am scared of), shops, animals and restaurants. I don’t know how I could manage being a tourist and a photographer at the same time. :/ So, I have not taken much photos and have not went to all the attractions which I feel so sorry about. Anyway, let me shareΒ what I got. πŸ™‚

HKG 2015, TNSCC (2)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (4)

We went inside The Grand Aquarium, but I have not taken good photos… which was a little okay because I am not really a fan.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (3)

There is a transportation called Ocean Express where it would take you from the other side to another side of the park.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (6)
People waiting for the ‘train’
HKG 2015, TNSCC (7)
‘Train’ has arrived

From the inside of the ‘train’, you cannot see the outside world. There were animated drawings of different kinds of fishes and water on the ceiling of the ‘train’ which it make you feel that you are travelling underwater with matching sounds. It was so cute. (So busy watching that I forgot to take a photo)

During my stay at Ocean Park, I hear people screaming. I think the screams came all the way from here. Maybe this is not the worst ride I have seen, but still, THIS. IS. CRAZY.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (14)
Roller coaster ride called Hair Raiser
HKG 2015, TNSCC (19)
Another crazy ride

This is the ride I love, Ferris Wheel. Ha! No challenge, eh? πŸ˜€ As I said, Ocean Park is a huge area, so I couldn’t find the way to here. Forget the maps – I don’t even know how to use them.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (22)

This is something where you ride some kind of a round boat and people from the top will ‘water-gun’ you… plus you will be wet from the running water.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (11)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (12)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (13)
Bananas!!! But no, they are not real If they are, maybe I’ve jumped already.

One of the things I loved at Ocean Park – seeing these beautiful birds…

HKG 2015, TNSCC (10)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (21)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (20)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (17)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (16)

And snake?? Am I happy to see this? Well, yeah! Plus, it’s beautiful… and scary!

HKG 2015, TNSCC (15)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (5)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (27)

And hello, Panda! We went to an attraction where there were two Pandas, but they were hiding or maybe sleeping. So we did not have the chance to see them at first. Luckily, we went inside another attraction and saw this so cute Panda.

HKG 2015, TNSCC (23)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (24)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (25)

Well, after eating… you get full and you sleep… with your back facing your audience. Huh!

HKG 2015, TNSCC (26)

Here’s a short video I have taken:

We also went inside a place where there are fishes – unlucky me that I have not taken nice photos. 😦

HKG 2015, TNSCC (30)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (29)

HKG 2015, TNSCC (28)

Stunning aquariums with gold fishes:

Β I hope you enjoy my photos and my story. See you on the second day! πŸ˜‰


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