Again, I am inviting everyone to join Fiesta Friday First Anniversary. It’s a block party, so everyone can join. New bloggers, will you join us? Pretty please? 😀

Click the image below to know more about it.

And now, for the new set of bloggers today:

Happily Ever Haas

“I’m a newlywed with a ridiculous passion for cooking, baking and, sometimes, sitting on my kitchen floor wondering where all of the flour came from.”

Haha! Do we all have that kind of thing about flour? 😀 Trisha can’t decide which dessert is her most favorite. Who can, anyway? 😛 Also, she has an endless love with cilantro. (Hmm, you need to tell me more about Cilantro Trisha. 😉 )

On her blog, you can find so many mouth-watering recipes. The photos alone can make you drool. 😛 There are so many desserts and it’s very hard for me to choose from. Right now, I want to enjoy this Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili.


“My dream is to one day cook my own food in a small cafe or restaurant. In the meantime I write here about our life and more importantly what we eat.”

Aww… ❤ For me, Dee is starting to create a restaurant food at her kitchen in West Cork. She has awesome recipes – not only sweets, but savory as well. And savory means Chargrilled Sambal Chicken in Flatbread with Slaw. Hmm, can you smell that? Yum! I’ll have two flat breads, please, Dee? 😀

What to Have for Dinner 

“This blog is mainly aimed at busy people, who struggle to find time in their lives for cooking and end up all too often getting a take away or a ready meal. I like simple, quick food which is low in effort and high in flavour.”

I love the sound of that. Nowadays, who wouldn’t want quick and easy recipes? Not only Harriet shares quick and easy recipes, but also time-consuming or complex ones. As of this moment, I will go for this Smoked Paprika Baked Eggs.

Munchie’s Mind – I don’t know what lines to pick my Michelle’s ‘About’ page. But here’s one thing:

“What’s in Munchie’s Mind? Well, FOOD, of course! Lots and lots of food! It’s an obsession. Mostly the sugary kind, but I’m trying to find room for some healthy food as well.”

She’s so cute and funny. Just take a lot at this photo. Hmm, that describes what’s in Michelle’s mind or let’s say Munchie’s Mind. You’ll see the story behind that when you visit her blog.

And while digging what’s inside Munchie’s Mind, I found this delicious Beef Stew.

Before I proceed to my fifth blogger, I just want to share you this email:

I started my food blog in November and just wanted to drop you a line and say hi 🙂 I’m looking to connect with more food bloggers and people who share the same passion and love for cooking as I do. Congrats on such a great blog and all the hard work you’re doing to help promote fellow food bloggers. I really admire you for that, you have a great heart!

This email really made my day. For me, I don’t receive much email like that, especially from a new blogger – so I am so touched. Yes, my fifth blogger is from the sender of the above message. ❤

Savor Mania

“Recipes inspired by the four corners of the globe & cooked in the kitchen of a third-culture kid.”

Sharon is a very complicated person. Well, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s not that kind of complicated. 😀 What I mean is she came from everywhere – four corners of the globe as she says. The grandparents are from different countries. She is living in Geneva, but born and raised in Taiwan, noting that her grandparents are neither from those two places. Sounds puzzling? I will let her explain it to you. 😛

Going to her recipes (and let me mention her amazing photos as well), I would really love if I could enjoy this Balsamic Chicken Breast.

I hope you visit these blogs and add them to your new friends. 😉 If you have new bloggers that you wanted me to include in the list, drop me an email and tell me why you love them.  You can also bring yourself. 😉

Have a fab week.


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