In My Kitchen – May 2015

First, I want to thank Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting In My Kitchen every month which we get to peek at each other’s favorite place – the kitchen! 😉

Another month has gone – welcome, May! I hope your last month was fun! 🙂

April was a little busy and tiring month for me. Whenever I plan to do something for the weekend, I just can’t make it due to the tiring weekdays.

It’s so unusual that I haven’t got anything for myself this month except for a tea towel which is currently in the deepest part of the laundry basket (will post it next month), gel food colors and chocolates for baking… though I have stuffs from my friend.

In my kitchen…

…are these mason jars. Since I realized how cute mason jars are, I’ve always wanted to buy some. However, due to the exploding stuffs I have in the kitchen, I decided not think of it. One day, my friend just came into the idea of buying me jars – so thoughtful and sweet. So I got three without handle and one with handle.

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (3)

In my kitchen…

…is a fondant icing smoother. Since the first week of April, I was planning to make fondant icing to celebrate my blog’s two years (April 23), but I didn’t make it – I was too tired to even bake a cake during the first week. I tried to postpone it, but still, my body can’t. Maybe some other day.

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (1)

In my kitchen…

…are these food colors. The blue is from a friend and I bought the other three. I tried making meringue (for the third time) but it was tangy (haha). I think the cream of tartar expired (eww!).  From oven to garbage can – that’s what happened. 😦

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (5)

In my kitchen…

…are these  Hershey’s chocolates for baking. I still haven’t used them and stock them up with the ones I bought last month. I just hope they don’t reach the expiry date. 😀 I remember seeing one recipe that uses unsweetened chocolate, but I really can’t remember it. Most probably cookies or cupcakes. Hmm, I will let you know when I remember it. 😉

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (4)

Let me ask you – what do you feel when you make something and you don’t like it 100%? Me, considering that it’s still edible, of course, I still eat them. 🙂

In my kitchen…

…are these Pandesal. They look different from each other, they look funny! I did make the dough at night at let it stay in the fridge overnight. The next morning, (1) I waited it to become room temperature, (2) kneaded the dough for few minutes, (3) cut them individually, (4) waited for them to rise and (5) baked them. The bread pieces were still very soft and delicious – they just have different shapes. 😀

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (7)

And I love it with chocolate ice cream. ❤

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (6)

In my kitchen…

…is Shakshuka. This is my first time on Shakshuka. It was delicious, but I was looking for a texture. I got crushed tomatoes instead of chopped and I did not add anything with texture aside from green peas. It was tangy, but I love it sweet. Do you have any idea what to add to make it sweeter aside from sugar? I mean a healthy one?? Or is Shakhshuka supposed to be tangy??

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (8)

 Last but not the least…

You remember the Terry’s Chocolate Orange I had on my IMK April 2015?

In my kitchen…

…are these Chocolate Orange Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting to celebrate my two years of blogging since the cake with fondant icing was not done. I prefer them though with whipped cream/cream cheese frosting, but this turned out good, too.

The Not So Creative Cook - IMK (2)

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my kitchen. Now, it’s your turn. Join Celia and the rest of the gang and share what’s going on in your kitchen. Make sure to do it before 10th of May. We are looking forward to it. 😉

Have a fabulous day!


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12 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – May 2015

  1. If something goes bad while cooking, I eat it and swear never to make it again and stick to that decision for a week…ha! Nice peeking into your kitchen stuff! i love to do this when I visit friends!

  2. It all looks great. I am with you, April was crazy busy for me as well. I am hoping things will slow down by next week. Hopefully you will get a chance to use all those chocolates soon enough. I have LOTS of canning jars so I understand your excitement to get some. I use them for canning, food storage, drinking glasses…. So incredibly versatile!

  3. What a great post that brightened my day! I can smell the bread from here! I have fond memories of Hershey’s from childhood and love the fondant icing tool!
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen view too!

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